Quarantine Radio Listener Trolls Tory Lanez: You Shot Megan Thee Stallion!!

Tory Lanez is working hard to keep his career afloat and has revived Quarantine Radio — but one listener used the opportunity to call the rapper out for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

Tory allowed the user to join his livestream — when the man can be heard saying: “You shot Megan thee Stallion. You shot Megan.”

He then quickly removes the fan from the livestream: “Hold on I need to fix this. I need to fix this Ladies and gentleman.”

Last month, Lanez denied the allegations:

“It’s falsified information; it’s false information, and it’s not accurate information. I don’t ever wanna come off like I’m here to bash this girl or I’m here to talk down about this girl or ever be at a place where, like, I’m disrespecting her, because to me, as a person, she’s still my friend. No matter what — even if she doesn’t look at me like that — I look at her like she’s still my friend,” he said.


Lanez was charged with felonies for assault with a semiautomatic firearm, personal use of a gun, and also carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm. If convicted, he could face up to 22 years behind bars.

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