Quando Rondo Says He’s Struggling To Book Shows: Let That Sh*t Go!!

Quando Rondo says that promotors are too scared to book him after he was linked to the altercation which led to the shooting death of rapper King Von.

“Nobody wanna book me ’cause they terrified. That’s the truth. Big bruh, man, so many people callin’ like, man, big bruh. I wish the fans let that sh*t go, like, big bruh. The longer y’all talk about it…why is y’all hyping this sh*t up?” 

The rapper was then asked whether the mayor canceled one of Quando’s shows. He says that it was the mayor who canceled the show last November.

“Big bruh, I put this on my daughter’s life.’ The mayor canceled my show, big bruh. On my daughter life. Facts. No cap, big bruh. If I’m lying, my daughter die. I ain’t canceling no show, big bruh.” 


Quando’s homie Lil Tum, who is alleged to have fired the shot that killed King Von, is currently out on bail.

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