Quando Rondo Responds To Big U Saying He Wanted Protection: I Fear No Man!!

Quando Rondo has reacted to an interview Big U did with The Breakfast Club where he claimed the rapper tried to “check’in” for protection after King Von was shot and killed.

“First of all, when I hit unc up, when I hit the big homie up, I was calling that man on some sh*t like this. Cuz, I got a lot going on — I got a lot of f*ck sh*t going on out here. I know that. Cuz is in a lane where cuz got a lot of charity sh*t going on — cuz just got a lot of positive sh*t going on, which my team was hitting up a lot of more people.”

He continued: “It’s time for me to start giving back — It’s time for me to leave this street sh*t in the streets and just play my role with this internet sh*t. I was just trying to give back from the heart. I never once called nobody, no n*gga on planet f*ckin’ Earth, for no protection. The f*ck, cuz? I don’t fear no man.”

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