Quando Rondo Releases King Von ‘Diss Track’; Chicago Promises Retaliation!!

On Friday afternoon, Quando Rondo released what many are calling a King Von diss track, MTO News has learned. And King Von’s family and friends are EXTREMELY UPSET about it.

The Georgia-bred rapper released a new track where he addresses his involvement in Von’s fatal shooting. Quando Rondo’s brother has been charged with shooting King Von, but he’s claiming self-defense.

The title “of the new song seems to be a diss on the deceased legendary rapper Von himself. Von is best known for dropping three classic mixtapes, Crazy Story 1, Crazy Story 2, and Crazy Story 3.

Now Quando is calling his new track “End Of Story.”


In the song, Quando recalls the events of the deadly night while referring to the surveillance footage that purportedly shows Von assaulting Quando moments before gunfire erupted.

Blood on your brother on the ground, gon’ pick your mans up

Damn right we scrеaming self defense, he shouldn’t have never put his hands on me

Look at the footage, that’s all the evidence, see them pussy n***as shouldn’t have ran up on me

Who the f*ck said that I was hidin’? I’m still ridin’ ’round with them bands on me

And to set the records straight, I ain’t never had no show inside the A

Here are some of the responses from King Von’s homies and fans:

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