Quando Rondo: Ima Either Get Killed Or Ima Kill Somebody!!

Quando Rondo worried fans after posting a disturbing message to social media.

“Ima Either Get Killed Or Ima Kill Somebody So Everybody In My Environment Better Be With Me Or It’s Gone Happen To Them,” he tweeted. 

Rondo implies somebody in his own camp could potentially pull the trigger.

“I Done Rode For Everybody And Ain’t Nobody Roccin With Me Sh*t about To Get Slimey I’m Telling You WatCh. I Can C Somebody Round Me Lul Homie Killing me.”

He added, “I ain’t seen my daughter in weeks [sad face emoji] I guess this sh*t bout money.”

He may have upset people last month after reports surfaced that he was making a song about the killing, according to multiple reports.

Quando dropped the new track.

Quando raps, “Looks like that dissing in them songs got your brother killed.” Durk has been known to brag about his “dead opps” in his music. There’s been wide speculation that Dtang’s killing may have been linked to Durk’s music.

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