Quando Rondo Makes SHOCKING Admission: I Was A Crack Baby!!

Quando Rondo says he has no issues with late rapper King Von and that he was a crack baby.

“Everybody scream, ‘Protect the brand,’ but when the brand get protected, everybody wanna be mad. This what come with it,” said Rondo. 

Big U then asked the rapper to share his story about his relationship with his mom.

“I ain’t really got no shame to tell my story. I don’t care, you feel me?” the rapper said. “Everything don’t be glitter and gold even once you successful. Everything ain’t good. Really nothing good, you feel me. Period! Not even the money because what come with all the stuff, it ain’t no happiness.”

He says his mother was addicted to crack.

“I was born a crack baby. My mama smoked crack ’til probably I was like, probably about, 15. I been in and out of juvenile all my life and before that, I was adopted because when I was little my mama and daddy had a little fight or something like that. I got burned. I still have the burn ’til this day,” he said.


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