Pusha T Recalls Time Gucci Mane Cursed Him Out


Pusha T is recalling a time Gucci Mane once cursed him out after a collaboration did not come to pass.

Gucci reached out and asked him to collab. Pusha agreed and told Gucci to send over the track.

“A day or two goes by, you know, I’m in the studio. I get the song done. I call Gucci. ‘Gucci, I got the song. Boom-boom. You ready?”

Pusha continued, “He never sent me no email, right? So, I hit him back. He was like, ‘Oh, my bad.’ […] Dawg, he never sent me the email, right? I called him, he ain’t answer. I’m going on about my day, my business, whatever. I get this text. ‘This why I don’t be f*ckin’ with industry n*ggas.’ Listen, [Gucci Mane] cursed me the f*ck out.”

Push added, “Listen, verse done. Verse done, ready to give it to him. Talkin’ to me so crazy on this mothaf*ckin’ phone, it was no way inside of hell I was giving him that verse. F*ck that verse. I was like, you know what? No! You right! I done reached out. I done called the man, I done reached out to the man. He told me he was going to give it to me, he ain’t give me the thing. I remind him, ‘Yo, send it to me,’ this and that. I must’ve missed the call or something.”

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