Protester Wearing Gorilla Mask Throws Egg At GOP Candidate Larry Elder!!

A protester wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg at Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder in Venice, California.

The protester then threw punches at an aide who tried to stop him.

Elder was visiting a homeless encampment on Third Avenue when a woman on a bicycle threw an egg at Elder — it did not hit him.

One of Elder’s staff then walked up to the woman who screamed at him.

“An egg was thrown at Mr. Elder, and a member of his security detail was assaulted,” Ying Ma, the Elder campaign’s communications director, said in a statement to Newsweek. “Such violence is completely unacceptable. Will Gavin Newsom condemn it? Most likely not—because rampant crime and rising homelessness are problems of his making.”

“Larry Elder is the disruptor to Newsom’s status quo and the hope for a brighter future in California. That’s precisely why the entrenched political interests will go to any lengths to stop him.”

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