Producer Hitkidd Calls Out Meek Mill: Nobody Stood On Business!!

A Producer named HitKidd called Meek Mill out on Instagram.

“@meekmill I represented this record label very well for 3 years and NOBODY stood on business,” he wrote. 

“I never said nothing about having help nor asked for a handout. You’ve made plenty statements about signing slave deals and labels not doing their jobs. So, I ponder as to why my situation isn’t better. I wished you gave me them same expectations you expect from the label that you’re signed to. I don’t want no clout from this, I NEED PEOPLE TO DO THEIR JOBS. I feel like Kanye when he walked into the Rocafella building.”

HitKidd is asking to be freed from his situation.

Meek has called out record labels for keeping him in shady deals. He even claimed he has not been paid from them in a long time. In the comments, fans are asking Meek how he can be crying about “slave deals” and doing the same thing to others.


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