Producer Claims Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes Cried After Seeing 2Pac W/ Another Woman

Producer Delray Richardson has claimed that many years ago, at Bar One, a nightclub in West Hollywood, Left Eye was at a club, where Tupac Shakur was also visiting — and claimed that the rapper became upset when she saw him talking to another woman.

“As I’m standing over there, here comes Left Eye,” said Richardson. “Left Eye jumps in-between the girl and Tupac kinda like, nudging the girl out of the way. And the girl, she like, one of them petty taps, tap somebody not the shoulder like, you know, like ‘scuse me, you’re in my way… When she touched Left Eye on the shoulder, Left Eye went off.”

Tupac had to get in between the two ladies, but the producer says he was upset over the incident:

“‘A n*gga can’t even have a good time,’ he said, ‘I ain’t come in here for this drama’.”


He said after walking outside, they spotted Left Eye crying. “Tupac, he walk up to her, he hug her, and he asked her, ‘Yo, are you alright?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, other than that b*tch all up in your face.’ I was like, whoa, ’cause I didn’t know at that particular time that she felt that way about Tupac or what their relationship was.”

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