Producer Claims Irv Gotti Stole DMX’s ‘What’s My Name?’

A producer claimed that Irv Gotti stole the iconic beat to DMX’s “What’s My Name” beat.

Self Service was a guest on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast and claimed that Gotti took half of his publishing and gave himself a production credit for DMX’s 1999 track “What’s My Name?,” even though he did not do anything on the track.

“Irv took credit for the ‘What’s My Name?’ record. He didn’t do nothing on that beat. Puff did it, Irv did it and Jermaine Dupri. N*ggas with them names, they were getting beats from other n*ggas. Dre did it.”

“50 percent goes to the writer and 50 goes to the writer of the music and he took 25. He didn’t do nothing to the beat. I’ll make that beat right now. He been getting 25 percent of my publishing for that record and that was 20 years ago. He gets the same sh*t that I get for nothing,” he continued.

Watch the clip above.

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