Prince Andrew Explodes At Gardener After Being Served Court Papers


Prince Andrew reportedly lashed out at his gardener after he was served with legal papers for his upcoming sex abuse trial in the US.

Prince Andrew had a tantrum over damaged trees at his mother’s Windsor estate.

The Sun reports that he went off a low-level female staffer and that it “was over the top” and left her “shaken and upset.”

“Andrew is under a great deal of stress but it’s no reason to take it out on staff doing their job. She had nothing to do with the damage and felt it was unfair. After all, it’s only a few saplings,” a source told the outlet.

Prince Andrew had his royal titles removed and his work on behalf of the royal family — and now he’s scared he’ll be broke.

“Until very recently it appears the absolute enormity of this case and the consequences he faces has not hit him,” a source told the Daily Mail. “Now the bills are mounting up and the possibility of a settlement, or even worse a judgment against him, is being widely discussed; he fears complete financial ruin.”

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