Pregnant Black Woman ‘Lynched’ By N.C. ‘Trump Loving’ Couple! (EXCLUSIVE)


A beautiful 28 year old North Carolina woman was brutally murdered and HER body was found stuffed in a suitcase last Monday. Now MTO News has learned that police have charged a White couple with the murder of a missing pregnant mother of two. 

And according to social media reports, the murder may have been racially motivated.

Brittany Samone Smith, 28, was reported missing on Feb. 5. She was last seen alive on February 4, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Her body was found stuffed inside a suitcase near the Neuse River in Raleigh, according to the sheriff’s office.


Brittany’s official cause of death is strangulation, with police telling the media that something was wrapped around her neck and tightened – she was possibly hanged

And while police are refusing to disclose a motive for the murder – social media sleuths suspect that it may have been a racial lynching.

Authorities have arrested Thomas Clayton Johnson, 37, and Emmalei Grace Trevathan, 24, and charged the two with murder, murder of an unborn child, and concealment of a body.

Social media reports claim that the couple – who appeared to have been ardent Trump supporters – allegedly had racist rhetoric on their social media pages. And that has led some to suspect a nefarious and racist motivation for the murder.

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