Potomac Housewives Mia Leaks Bikini Pics . . . Fans Say Looks Like A ‘Tummy Tuck’!!

Mia Thornton from the Real Housewives Of Potomac is trending this morning, after a new bikini picture of the beautiful reality star leaked. And MTO News learned that many are saying that Mia’s body appeared to be surgically augmented.

In particular, fans are speculating that the reality star recently underwent some sort of a tummy tuck operation.

The speculation began when the pics leaked, and Mia appeared to have a strange shape. And while her stomach was tight, Mia had the tell-tale sign of a tummy tuck – the “coin slit” belly button.

Cardi B belly dance Tiktok – Looks Like Tummy Tuck

In a typical tummy tuck operation, an incision is made low on the abdomen, and the abdominal skin is lifted. An additional incision is created around the belly button in order to release it from the surrounding skin, but the belly button remains attached to its “stalk” in the abdominal muscles at all times.

Then, after the operation, the doctor “reconstructs” the belly button. If not done properly, the patient is left with a “coin slit” belly button.

Here’s the image that has people talking:

Mia has been the talk of the town since making her show debut. Her countless showdowns and interesting personal life have made her the perfect replacement for alum Monique Samuels. Mia has been transparent about her scarred relationship with her mother, who lost custody of her as a child due to her drug use. Now, as an adult and mother of two, Mia is working to repair their relationship while building new friendships with the housewives. But Candiace Dillard’s jabs about Mia’s mom rubbed the cast and viewers the wrong way. Another person who took viewers aback was Mia’s husband Gordon. His often inappropriate drunk behavior was called out by the other couples while Mia attempted to downplay Gordon’s actions.

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