Popular Hip Hop Producer Drops $400,000 On Vacation w/ Saweetie!! (PICS)

Female rapper Saweetie has expensive taste – and if you plan on dating her, you should expect to drop a HUGE BAG every time you see her. MTO News has learned that Saweetie recently went on vacation with her male love interest, Grammy award winning producer, Lawrence “Rance” Dopson – and he spent the bag.

Rance is the founder and CEO of the Los Angeles producer house called 1500 or Nothin’ which produces for Justin Timberlake, Asher Roth, Jay-Z, Kanye West, T.I., Bruno Mars and B.o.B.

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MTO News confirmed that Rance decided to fly himself and Saweetie to Jamaica to spend the week at a luxurious villa. The cost – between the private jet, and the accommodations – was about $400,000 for the week.

And obviously Rance believes that Saweetie is worth every penny.

Here are some side by side pics taken at Rance’s IG, and Saweetie’s:

And here is a video of Rance at the Villa, playing the piano:

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