Popular DJ: Big Breasted IG Model ‘RAPED’ Me!! (Pics & Text Evidence)


One of the most popular DJs in the world is making some explosive allegations – claiming he was raped by a woman. 

The incident occurred between DJ Dimplez – one of the biggest hip hop DJs in the world and an IG model named Mam Diarah. DJ Dimplez filed “rape” charges in South Africa against the beautiful IG model. According to Dimplez – he was drunk and incapacitated, when the IG model had s*x with him.

Here’s a pic of Dimplez and Mam Diarah.

The two met up inside a club in South Africa, and they had a one night stand together.  Mam Diarah got pregnant, and told DJ Dimplez that she was going to have the baby and needed money immediately.

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When DJ Dimplez didn’t respond in the manner that she liked – by asking her to abort the child, she exposed him on Twitter. 

Here are the text messages screenshots, where DJ asks her to abort the child and she refuses:

But here’s where things get tricky. In the text messages, she included one which suggested that DJ Dimplez was drunk and incapacitated while the two had s*x.

Here’s the text where  Mam Diarah admits he was “too drunk” to even remember his address, let alone consent to s*x:

Well DJ Dimplez has now gone to the police, claiming that the woman raped him.

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