Popular & Beautiful Female Rapper SHOT AND KILLED – Disturbing!!

A popular young female rapper from Columbus Ohio was shot and killed during a botched robbery in her neighborhood on Thursday, MTO News has learned.

Boog The Bandit, real name Courtney Bruce, was a 26 year old hip hop star with an extremely bright future. And her light was snuffed out on Thursday, in the most brutal fashion.

Courtney and a man were driving just after 6 p.m. when Columbus Police say a group of men with guns surrounded the car and started brutally beating Courtney.

Then witnesses say they heard two shots, the car take off, and another shot.


According to reports Courtney wasn’t just shot – she was beaten badly before being executed.

“For her to get pistol whipped and shot in the chest, multiple times I heard. That wasn’t called for. Even though she put up a fight,” Courtney’s grandmother told the local media.

Courtney is one of 76 people in the city of Columbus to lose their life so far this year from violence. There have also been nearly 900 felonious assaults so far this year.

Here’s a video of her:

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