Pop Smoke’s Brother Speaks Out After Killer Is Revealed To Be 15-Year-Old Boy!!

The brother of Pop Smoke has spoken out after it was revealed that a 15 year-old juvenile shot and killed the rapper.

He appears to be hinting that Pop Smoke’s crew did him dirty.

“Somethings not right about this case! The info not matching and ppl moving crazy. Bashar on God we getting to the bottom of it I’m sorry da real wasn’t with you,” Obasi Jackson wrote on Instagram. “I’m sorry you said n*ggas would shoot back and they didn’t. I’m sorry you thought n*ghas would fight for you and they’re not even doing that in death. It seems you were more valuable alive. Everybody gets mad when I speak up cause it threatens [their] position in this gang sh*t. Since you been away pop, people’s love have been M.I.A.”

Obasi then captioned the post:

“On God we gon figure this out @realpopsmoke I tried to warn you bout this gang sh*t… I should’ve tried harder. It’s not fair how they doing you and I’m not allowing people to say they love you without proper recognition to you or the family!!! #period #rippopsmoke #courtcase #movingfunny #thistooshallpass #popsmoke #bigwoo”


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