Pop Singer Tinashe Unveils A STRUGGLE BODY At Made In America Concert!! (Pics)


This weekend was the 10th anniversary of the Made In America festival, and Tinashe was one of the most talked about artists from the concert.


MTO News confirmed that the 28-year-old singer took the stage on September 5 in a very revealing yellow bodysuit with cutouts, as she performed for thousands on day two of the event. 

Made In America, which was held at Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, included concerts by Tinashe and 16 other artists who were tapped to perform across three different stages. 

So why was Tinashe - an artist without a hot song in years - so talked about? Well it's because of the way she struggled to fill out that yellow outfit.

Here are some of the images:

Tinashe is Built Like A BOY Before He Hits Puberty - WHERE THE HIPS AT??

The Image That She's Getting ROASTED Over - They Say She Looks Like A #2 PENCIL

Here's A Shot From BEHIND - She Looks SLIGHTLY Better

Here's a video of her performing:

Tinashe is a  singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actress.[3] Born in Lexington, Kentucky. Tinashe moved to Los Angeles as a child to pursue a career in entertainment. Her notable roles included as a motion-capture model in the animated film The Polar Express (2004), Robin Wheeler in the Cartoon Network television series Out of Jimmy's Head (2007–2008), and a recurring role in the CBS series Two and a Half Men (2008–2009.