Pooh Shiesty Responds To Wack 100’s Allegations That He’s A SNITCH!!

Pooh Shiesty has denied Wack 100’s claims that he snitched.

Wack said he’d seen the paperwork with his own eyes but Shiesty says it’s a lie.

“‘Omertà.’ It will never show in no paper that I set down with the government and gave a statement on no one on the case for something in return in that case I will not be here. A factual proffer is not a government proffer where the weak will sit down and tell they sole. No the difference before you use my name in vein,” he wrote.

“Before I bit some cheese I sit down and keep quiet,” the rapper continued. “Anyone that enters a negotiation plea agreement it will be a factual proffer of the factual basis that the government will use in court to prove of the guilt they trying to show I want all you lame ass dudes keep the same energy I stand on business.”

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