Video Allegedly Shows Pooh Shiesty In Bed w/ Transgender – He Denies! (Vid)

Rapper Pooh Shiesty has reacted to a viral video circulating social media that appears to show a rapper with a “1017” chain in bed with a transgender woman, MTO News has confirmed.

The caption of the video clip read, “Wit yo favorite rapper ! Literally ! Thanks for the AP DADDY,” thanking him for the expensive watch and it didn’t take Twitter long to determine that the woman in the video was Nicki P.


Some on social media spent time doing detective work trying to figure out whether the man in the video’s tattoos matched with Shiesty’s — and so far, it’s inconclusive.

The chain also appeared to be fake.

“Can’t no internet tell u who I’m f*ckin” he tweeted in response to the video.

Nicki P appears to have deleted her Instagram since the video went viral. Possibly because Pooh followed up his tweet with, “Go Play with somebody who ain’t gone kill you.”

Nicki P has not responded to claims that the video is a fake.


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