Pooh Shiesty Denied Bail & Facing Federal Charges!!

Rapper Pooh Shiesty has been denied bail and now facing federal charges.

The rapper’s alleged victim, Frivin Dor, recanted his statement earlier this week. The security guard the rapper is accused of shooting said that he was on painkillers the night he was shot at the club and that he did not remember who shot him.

After the judge questioned the victim, prosecutors determined the victim was coerced into withdrawing his statement.


“If I’m reading between the lines, I assume what you’re trying to tell me is that there may have been some pressure exerted upon this witness to change their testimony,” the judge reportedly said. “At this point, the state and authorities are investigating it. Obviously, we are concerned that may be an issue.'”

The judge has still denied the 21-year-old rapper bail and the US attorney has placed a federal retainer on another pending criminal case involving the rapper. In 2020, the rapper was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault with a firearm.

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