Police Racially Profile Fabolous . . . During A Livestream Interview!! (Watch)

Rapper Fabolous was racially profiled live – while thousands of people watched, MTO News has learned.

Jim Jones and Fabolous went on a joint IG-Live session, and the two old friends were having an interesting conversation, before a police officer broke it up.

Fab was in his car on the side of the road at the time, and Jimmy asked his rap peer about the new music Fab has on the horizon. 

“Once the weather start breaking, it feel like it’s a little bit of the Fab time,” he said. “I’m definitely working on some music right now and trying to get, like, ready for summer.” Then, Fab says “Oh, wow,” as someone approached.

A police officer began harassing Fab – asking why he was sitting in his car in that area. “I was just pulled over to do this interview on the phone,” Fab answered. Jones chimed in asking if that was really the police. Fab said, “Yeah, police pulled up on me.” Jones told him not to worry because he wanted to “get you outta harm’s way.”

The rappers gave their goodbyes and Fab signed off, but Jones wasn’t finished processing the exchange. “That’s kinda wild, um, he was sitting in a Rolls Royce. How is police hating on that man?” questioned Jones. “This is crazy. Firsthand, we get to see what it feels like to be Black and rich in America. It doesn’t matter if you rich or if you poor, it matter the color.”

“I’m not starting anything, but y’all saw it for yourself.”


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