Police Officer Orders Latino Male: ‘Twerk Or Go To JAIL’

A police officer is caught on video appearing to sexually assault a Latino male by forcing him to twerk. MTO News confirmed that the extremely disturbing video is circulating online, showing a police officer appearing to order a Latino man to “bend over an twerk’ or else be taken to jail. The man consequently obliged.

And the alleged pervert cop pulls out his phone and records the man twerking for him.

The incident purportedly occurred in Los Angeles.


The Los Angeles police department has a long history of being one of the most brutal and lawless departments in the entire country – and this video won’t do much to help the department’s image.

Folks on social media are already commenting about the video, calling it “horrible,” “sickening” and “inhumane.”

MTO News reached out o the Los Angeles police department for comment. So far, we have not received any response.

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