Police Arrest Man While Getting Cut At Barber Shop! (‘Can He Finish My Line Up Officer’)

Kansas police arrested a man while he was getting a haircut – and the entire incident was captured on IG Live, MTO News confirmed.

The suspect walked into the popular barber shop in Leavenworth Kansas and he noticed that he was being trailed by three police officers. Initially the suspect ignored the cops, and sat down in the barber’s chair and started getting his cut

Well MTO News learned that the officers came into the shop – and claimed they had a warrant for the man.

The barber – a well respected member of the community – convinced the officers to wait until he finished his cut, to take the suspect into custody.’Amazingly, the police agreed – and stood back as the suspect live-streamed his last haircut on the outside.


The suspect didn’t have much to say on the video, but suggested that whatever the police were after him for – he’ll likely have to spend time in prison over it. “I’m [gonna have to] go sit down,” MTO News confirmed the man say on video.

After the barber finished the haircut – he told officers that he needed to be paid first, before they take the suspect into custody. Amazingly, the police agreed to that request also.

MTO News reached out to the Leavenworth Police for details on the arrest – but so far we have not received any information.

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