PnB Rock Accuses His Homies Of Sliding Into His GF’s DMs

Rapper PnB Rock hopped online to call out his homies who he says have been sliding into his girlfriend’s DMs.

“PSA to all you little n*ggas, you little rat n*ggas, this right here, this me. This is me right here. She show me all y’all DMs. You lookin’ like clowns. And y’all supposed to be my folks you b*tch ass n*ggas. Lucky I don’t take it to the trenches on you, ya heard me. ‘Cause this sh*t get critical about this one. Don’t play with my b*tch, bro. It’s smoke n*gga,” he said in the clip.

The rapper did not call out any names, and nobody has responded to his message.

At one point during the video, he tried to show his girl on camera but she hid from the camera view. Viewers reacted to the video, saying that if she was truly his girlfriend, she would have allowed him to show her on camera.


Is it suspicious she won’t go public with her man?

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