Quality Control Music CEO Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas Buys His 10th Roll Royce

Quality Control Music CEO Pierre Pee Thomas took to Instagram to celebrate copping his tenth Rolls Royce.

“2010 I called my best friend @wolfpackglobalmusic a hater cause I was about to buy the RR Ghost. He told me if I buy the car don’t come around him no mo bringing the wrong kind of attention,” the post featuring a video of his newest addition reads.


He continued: “He told me just keep stacking and hustling @_dolla_1 @lilbaby_1 and @ced_1m was there to witness us arguing about this. The man even told me to find a new church to go to just stay away from them. Fast forwarding 10 years later I’m on my 10th RR purchase and I got the Ghost with out the stress of what I was dealing with 10 years ago.”

But Pee wasn’t just boasting. He posted the story to motivate others:

“Moral of the story if you stay down and focus on the positive and trust God he will bless you with a overflow of things that you never imagined could happen. Get people around you that want to see you win and motivate you to do better.This is not a flex post only to motivate y’all that this you can make this sh*t happen. Go get it and keep God first. Merry Xmas to all. #KeepHustling”

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