PhD candidate Nijinsky Dix, Murders Boyfriend After 3 Months Of Dating


A prominent Black PhD student from the University of Illinois Chicago was recently charged with murdering her boyfriend in Washington, D.C., a man she had only been dating for three months, MTO News has learned.

According to police and court documents, Nijinsky Latassia Dix, 37, of Jacksonville, Fla., was arrested and charged with second degree murder while armed and in possession of unregistered ammunition and firearm.

The Metropolitan Police Department stated in a news release that Latassia shot and killed a man she had just begun dating for three months, Terry Hickman, 44,

When officers arrived at her home, she was kneeling at the victim’s feet and holding a handgun. The cops then asked her to drop the weapon and she did, the documents stated.

At the time, Latassia was also talking to her mother on her cellphone. The officers picked up the phone and talked to her mother, the court documents stated.

“The individual stated the defendant called her and stated, ‘He pushed me, and I shot him,'” the court filings continued.

Latassia was taken to the police station where she said suffered from memory loss. During an interview with detectives, she was shown a photograph of Hickman. She began crying and repeating the words “get it away from me.”

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At one point she said, “you don’t do people you love like that, that’s not love, I don’t want that, he can’t do people like that, you don’t do people you love like that. I’m sorry.”

Detectives also talked to another individual who said “the woman was stalking the decedent and that she was from out of state but somehow found out where he resided,” according to the court filings.

That person said Latassia and Terry had a three-month long relationship that ended in May.

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