Pharrell Williams Slams Record Labels: Nobody Should Own You!!


Pharrell Williams is the latest celebrity to put record labels on blast — he thinks maybe the majors should rethink the way they make musicians reimburse advance payments.

“You shouldn’t walk into a company and say, ‘I’m gonna make this record.’ They give you an advance then for the tenure of that, the entire time you’re album’s out, you’re working to pay back that advance. No bank gives a company a loan to start a company and walks away with the trademarks,” he says in the clip.

“No one should own you. No one should own your actions. No one should own your creations. But you,” he continued.

Last year, Kanye West compared labels to modern-day slavery.

He announced he was “not putting no more music out til I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal.”


West continued by demanding apologies “immediately” from rappers J Cole and Drake, adding: “I’m fighting for us” and “I’m not gonna watch my people be enslaved.”

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