Patton Oswalt Issues Apology For Posting  Picture w/ Dave Chappelle

Patton Oswalt has apologized for a picture he posted on NYE with Dave Chappelle.

 “I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time this New Year’s Eve. We’ve known each other since we’re teens. He’s a fellow comedian, the funniest I’ve ever met. I wanted to post a pic & an IG story about it — so I did. The friend is Dave Chappelle,” he wrote.

“But we also 100% disagree about transgender rights & representation. I support trans peoples’ rights — ANYONE’S rights — to live safely in the world as their fullest selves,” he continued. “For all the things he’s helped ME evolve on, I’ll always disagree with where he stands NOW on transgender issues. But I also don’t believe a seeker like him is done evolving, learning. You know someone that long, see the struggles and changes, it’s impossible to cut them off.”

Should Patton have had to explain the post or is this going too far?

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