Pastor Mike Jr: The Donda Listening Party Felt So Demonic!!

After Billboard named Kanye West as the Top Gospel Artist of 2021 and Top Christian Artist, Pastor Mike McClure Jr. aka Pastor Mike Jr., says that he didn’t like Kanye’s listening party for DONDA.

 “Kanye West isn’t a Gospel Artist. He’s a rapper who did a gospel album,” said the pastor in the Shaderoom comments.

“Ye is an inspiration musically PERIOD. So many people are afraid to speak truth for fear of being cancelled! Something about this doesn’t feel right, and I believe we have to speak up. As cool as the Donda listening party was it felt so demonic. So NAH”

Other fans agreed: “But he’s not a Gospel artist. He’s a rap artist who did a Gospel album. There’s a difference.”

Another wrote: “That mane ain’t even filled I ain’t heard him speak in NAOWN tongue REPENT, BE BAPTIZED, AND CALL ON JESUS‼️”

“So they said forget Kirk Franklin and all the other gospel artists and lets give this award to Kanye West. Make it make sense pleaseeeee,” said somebody else.


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