Pastor ‘Drops Dead’ During Church Service . . . ‘Resurrected’ After Receiving Offering!! (Vid)

A Florida pastor claims to have died during church service this past Sunday, only to be “resurrected” by God – after her congregation gave a sufficient offering, MTO News has learned.

The incident happened inside a Pentecostal Christian church outside of Jacksonville, and video from the alleged “resurrection” has been going viral across social media.

In the video – which MTO News has reviewed, the pastor is seen laying on the ground – allegedly dead. And the assistant pastor takes the microphone and tells the congregation to walk up to the fallen pastor’s body and drop an offering on her.

According to the assistant pastor, if enough money was placed on the fallen pastor’s body, God would resurrect the church leader.

Sure enough, when the congregation dropped enough money – the Pastor miraculously rose from ground.

Hallelujah….won’t He do it….

Naturally, people on social media are skeptical of the pastor’s claims and the video is going viral. Watch:

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