Rumors GROW About Possible 'Romance' Betweeen Lil Nas X & Rapper DA BABY!!


Rapper Lil Nas X and Da Baby are rappers, and friends . . . but according to two entertainment insiders who spoke with MTO News, the two rappers may have a romantic relationship as well.


Lil Nas X is openly gay and Da Baby purports that he's straight - so the relationship whispers are still in the category of "rumor" for now.

But our insiders claim that the two seem to be pretty close. The two rappers met a few years back, when they were both just rising stars - and they hit it off. According to Lil Nas X's father, Nas & DaBaby have been cool "for years." He even posted an old picture of the two rappers hanging out:


That friendship led to musical collabs, like when Da Baby hopped on the remix of Lil Nas X number 1 hit song Panini.

And then there's the stealth meetups. According to our insider, the two rappers have been spotted together having dinner with a group at popular NYC restaurant Tao this week, MTO News has learned.

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One insider explained, "It's kind of weird because Da Baby is supposed to be all homophobic - but he's pretty close with Nas. They link up whenever they're in the same city."

And that includes this week - where both Nas X and DaBaby are both currently staying in the same Chelsea hotel. 

Chelsea huh?