‘Pam & Tommy’ Documentary ‘Traumatizing’ For Pamela Anderson As Sex Tape Is Revisited

The new documentary, Pam & Tommy, aired that focuses on the former relationship between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Sources say it’s been painful for Pamela.

In the ’90s an hour-long sex tape filmed during their honeymoon was stolen by a disgruntled former employee and leaked to the public.

“After the tape was made public, it was a very traumatizing situation and it’s unfair that she is being re-subjected to this trauma, like re-opening a wound,” the source told PEOPLE.

“Pamela deserves a level of respect. She’s a human being and a mom. There’s a sense of hypocrisy about it. It’s her life and she should have the decision [as to] whether it’s turned into a commodity for public consumption.”

The source later added, “This was a very traumatic time of her life. She’s a really good person and I think all she’s really ever wanted was to be married and have a partner and have a nice life.”

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