Overweight Pop Singer Reveals She Doesn’t Wear Deodorant – Fans UPSET!!

Over the post few weeks, there has been an open discussion over celebrities and their hygiene. It started with a conversation Mila Kunis and husband Ashton Kutcher had on Dax Shephard’s podcast last month, where the couple reveal that they rarely bathe. 

And the latest celebrity to divulge her personal hygiene habits is singer Lizzo.

Pop Singer Saweetie Leaks Video Of Herself Taking BUBBLE BATH – Goes Viral!!

The obese singer, 33, revealed that she doesn’t wear deodorant after Matthew McConaughey recently said he hasn’t used it for 35 years!


Because of Lizzo’s size, and her perceived level of funkiness, fans of pop singer went in on the singer on Twitter, MTO News has learned.

Some are comparing Lizzo – and her troll-worthy type of self serving posts with the banned celeb-stalker (and most hated person) Chrissy Teigen.

Here are just some of the negative comments that Lizzo is receiving:

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