Overweight Female Rapper Chika CANCELLED Over Disrespectful Tweets About Child!

Female rapper Chika is as well known for her SIZE and “fat acceptance” politics, as she is about her music. But today, MTO News has learned that Twitter is attempting to cancel the rapper and social media star for a recent “disrespectful” post.

And it’s all because Chika posted a very disrespectful tweet about a child – in response to being called “fat” by social media trolls, MTO News has learned.

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Earlier this week, Chika was being bullied on Twitter by a group of online trolls who relentlessly made inappropriate jokes about Chika’s weight.

In response to the troll, Chika posted a pic of a young girl – and suggested that the child was underweight, and looked like a skeleton. The child in the photo – who did not appear to be malnourished – was purportedly related to one of the women who Chika claims was trolling her.

Heres’ the post that Chika did:

But people on social media are now in an UPROAR over Chika’s posting – claiming that’s he “crossed the line.” Many are now calling for Chika to be cancelled, MTO News has learned. 

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