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IG Model Rushed To ER After 'Cucumber Show' Goes Wrong!! (Graphic Vid)

A beautiful Onlyfans model with close to 1 million subscribers was rushed to the hospital yesterday, after she attempted a dangerous stunt for her subscribers, MTO News has learned.


The model, who goes by the name Karla G, promised her fans a show - and ended up in the emergency room.

According to one of her subscribers, last week Karla began promoting a "special" show for fans and she posted a picture of a cucumber - to peak their interest.

Monday was showtime. The subscriber claims that Karla took a large cucumber and inserted it into her an*l cavity. But things quickly went wrong - as the vegetable lodged itself deep inside the beautiful model's colon.

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Karla quickly realized that something was wrong, and ended the show, MTO News has learned.

Then yesterday, a video popped up on Twitter which purported to show Karla in the emergency room, and a doctor removing the cucumber from her colon.

That video - which we warn you is extremely graphic - quickly went viral and has already been seen more than 5 million times.

Luckily the woman in the video appears to be unharmed by the stunt.