Video Shows Kanye West Taking CREEP PICS Of Dancers At Twerk Contest!!


Kanye West is going viral this morning – after an old video, from more than a decade ago, leaked online. In the video, Kanye – or a man that looks a lot like him – appears to take “creep video” of an unsuspecting woman.

And now MTO News has learned, many on social media are BLASTING Kanye for that apparent inappropriate behavior.

The video was taken from a bikini and twerk contest held in Galveston, Texas in the mid 2000s. A much younger and slimmer Kanye appears to have attended the event (no shade to thick Kanye) and got a front row seat to the contest.

In the video, a man appearing to resemble Kanye sat in the front row, and worked his best to get the creepiest videos of the dancers. The man can be seen angling his camera to get a perfect angle of the woman’s butt.

Unfortunately, MTO can not link to the video, because it contains too much graphic content.

But here are some of the images, showing Kanye sneaking his phone down to capture the creep shots of the dancer.

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