OJ Simpson Says He ‘Understood’ Oscar Controversy

OJ. Simpson is offering his take on the Oscar drama between Will Smith and Chris Rock.

“Now, I thought the question I would be getting all day would be the question about the overtime rule of the NFL,” he said. “Well, you know, I don’t totally agree with it. … But the question I’ve been getting is Will Smith and Chris Rock.” 

The former NFL star added, “It was unfortunate, I think Will was wrong. Look, I understood the feeling,” he said. “In my life I’ve been through a lot of crap, when I was raising two young kids and every comedian in the country had an O.J. routine. And don’t think I wouldn’t wanna B-slap a couple of those guys, but you gotta accept it’s humor.”

Simpson did not feel the joke was that funny but added, “I know this, after what happened to me in Las Vegas, if I would’ve done that in front of a billion people around the world, they would’ve given me life without. I’m just saying.”

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