OJ Simpson Doesn’t Think Cam Newton Would Be A Good Backup Option


OJ Simpson is weighing in on Cam Netwon getting released this week.

He says he thinks the decision was for the best.

“I got to admit, when this COVID-19 thing came up this past week and I saw that he was going to miss five days of camp, I said, ‘Well, there goes the starting job. Mac Jones has been spectacular. I am still a little surprised they let him go because it’s not like they’re paying him an exorbitant amount of money for a quarterback, but I don’t think Cam is cut out to be the backup,” he says in the Twitter video.

“I think as long as he’s fighting for the job, he’s going to be positive and on the sideline, [but not] knowing he’s a backup and has no chance of getting into the game unless this kid gets hurt. Right now, Cam’s chance of being a starter maybe could be in Miami and possibly down in Houston.”

Y’all agree?

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