‘OITNB’ Actress Ruby Rose Hospitalized After Surgery ‘Complications’

Orange Is The New Black actress Ruby Rose took to her Instagram Storie to let her followers know that she was rushed to the hospital after experiencing post-surgery complications. 

“I did have a procedure, and I had to have a surgery, but it was fine, and the surgery went well,” she says. “But then yesterday, I had a few complications, and I had to go to the emergency room.”

She did not say what the surgery was for.

“It took hours to find a hospital that would be able to take me, or anyone. They’ve been rejecting people all night,” Ruby said, adding that her “case was quite serious.” 

She then said “please stay safe” and “get vaccinated if you can. Please. It’s just… it doesn’t need to be this hard for everyone and I just can’t imagine all the other people that are having way more, way, way more serious situations happening right now.”

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