Offset To The World: Rappers Take Our Style And Don’t Give Us The Proper Credit!

According to rapper and super producer Offset, the Migos has been hugely influential on hip hop. First he said, the Migos made trap music go mainstream. In a recent Interview with Billboard magazine, the rapper credited himself, Quavo and Takeoff with putting trap music on the map. 

He said:

“We made this trap [style] go pop. They don’t talk about that. We made trap go pop talking about selling pounds and bricks and we hit Billboard No.1. Hip Hop artists weren’t going No.1 like that but now it just be like ‘bang, bang, bang.”

But the rapper didn’t stop there. He said that the Migos also created a new style and flow within hip hop, which other rappers take without giving them the proper credit or acknowledgement. He said, “It’s a fact. If you go back in time and listen to music prior to 2013, the cadence and flow didn’t matter.”

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Now he says “People get away with not saying nothing as long as the cadence and flow are good and I feel we created that. We did.”

According to him, Quavo especially did not get his due. He said, “I remember when Quavo was most influential in 2013. It just be no respect given, but that’s how my generation is anyway.”

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