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Offset Rejects Cardi B’s Outfit For Son: “Hell Nah, Got My Boy Looking Like Ne-Yo”

Cardi B and her husband Offset got into a pretty heated argument, over Cardi's choice of outfits for their son, MTO News has learned.


The couple gave fans a look into what it’s like to go shopping as a parent of two when you’re a super famous entertainer. Cardi and Offset showed that even they sometimes have trouble agreeing on how to dress their young children.

In a video which MTO News watched, and was uploaded to Cardi's Instagram story, the New York native can be seen filming through her front camera as she walks through the store with her mask on. 

“Babe, look,” she says while holding up a small grey fedora, the smile on her face evident from the gleam in her eyes.

“Oh hell nah,” Offset responds without hesitation from off camera. “I’m not putting that shit on my son, man. Got my boy looking like Ne-Yo,” he continued as Cardi let out a fit of laughter. “I can’t stand him,” she wrote overtop of the Instagram story post. “It’s cute,” she insisted before the clip cuts off.

Shortly after, the “WAP” rapper returned with another “cute” look to show off, consisting of little red trousers, a matching bow tie, a blue button-up shirt, and suspenders with what look like Christmas trees on them. “Hell the f*ck no, man” Offset says, appearing behind his wife. “This is cute,” she tells him.