Offset: I Don’t Trust The COVID-19 Vaccine!!

As the country gears up to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine, Migos rapper Offset says that he will not be taking it.

He doesn’t trust it.

“I don’t trust it. I just don’t wanna be the test dummy. Do something to help the Black community in real life. Put in some policies to help us. A lot of the government sh*t I don’t be thinkin’ is for us period,” he told TMZ.


The rapper also took time out to acknowledge that being a rich celebrity makes the chances of surviving COVID-19 higher.

“In reality, we blessed. Certain people in certain opportunities get certain things. Like, what’s that politician who had that brown shi* running down his face? Giuliani? He just said he had celebrity status for his COVID-19 treatment. So I think a lot of that happens in real life. If I go to the hospital here, they’re going to admit me fast, they’re going to get me faster than a normal person. So I wouldn’t do it myself. I wouldn’t wanna do that sh*t because people ain’t got what I got. That ain’t fair.”

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