NYC Man Gunned Down In Broad Daylight; Victim Pulled His Gun TOO LATE! (Vid)

MTO News learned that disturbing surveillance video is circulating online that shows the violent final moments of a Bronx father of two who was fatally shot outside a bodega just steps from his home.


The video shows 35-year-old Travis Brooker shot and killed, as he tried to defend himself against an attack by two men.

Travis is confronted by a man standing menacingly outside of the bodega – who appears to make a disparaging remark towards the father.

Then, a second man walks outa of the Bodega – this man starts arguing with Travis, who tries to go into the store but is blocked by another customer.

Travis, who’s wearing a bright yellow jacket, keeps one hand and in his pocket appearing to grab something to protect himself. Then, one of the men arguing with the Bronx dad suddenly strikes Travis in the face.

Travis – realizing that he may be in mortal danger – then pulls a weapon out of his pocket. The weapon appears to be a gun, but it’s too late — one of his rivals, the man with the Adidas backpack pulls a gun of his own and shoots Travis in the head.


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