NYC Honor Roll Teen MURDERED . . . Gang Members BRAG About It On IG!! (Watch)

Two teens girls were stabbed on Friday – and one fatally during a celebration of the Mount Vernon High School basketball team.

One of the teen girls died – and she has been identified by MTO News as a talented and beautiful 16 year old honor roll student named Kayla.

There is a video going around social media which purports to show Kayla’s killers – all teenage girls laughing and talking about the incident. Because the girls in the video are minors, and MTO News has not been able to establish that the girls are definitively confessing to Kayla’s murder – we’re not linking to the video.

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But Kayla’s mom saw the video, and she spoke about it on Instagram.

They took my baby away from me, they murdered my child and then bragging about it but I leave all vengeance to God, everyone that’s reaching out to me tagging me reposting it I really appreciate it I saw it thank you guys so much I am not strong please pray for me while I try to pray for myself at this point I feel like I want to die and bury with my child, god I just want to die please take me with her she was only 16 and they took my baby away from me I want to die right now I don’t even know how to say RIP to my daughter this feels so unreal God why meeeeeeeeee why meeee Lord, my daughter don’t bother ppl her mother don’t bother no one evenly Father why me I just want to die

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