NYC Has A New Masked SERIAL KILLER . . . He’s Shooting Homeless People!! (PICS)


A masked SERIAL killer is going around the streets of New York City, shooting homeless people, MTO News has learned.

According to local reports, the serial killer has so far opened fire on two homeless people in lower Manhattan yesterday, killing one of them, and critically injuring the other.

The New York mayor, Eric Adams, held a late night press conference to address the “Homelessness turning into a homicide. We need to find this person and we need New Yorkers to help us,” 

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Here are details on the first shooting, from the NY Post:

The sinister spree began at 5 a.m., when a sleeping 38-year-old man was shot in front of 54 King St. by the unknown assailant, police said. 

“The victim woke up … screaming: ‘What are you doing?,’” NYPD Deputy Chief Hank Saunter said.

That victim was expected to survive his injuries, according to police.

About an hour later the shooter casually approached a man braving frigid temperatures and a winter storm in a green sleeping bag in front of 148 Lafayette Street, according to police surveillance video.

The suspect kicked the sleeping man, looked around to see if anyone was watching, then pulled out a gun and shot him at point-blank range in the head, the disturbing footage showed.

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