NY. Gov. Andrew Cuomo Says Goodbye: The Truth Will Out In Time!!


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finally left the governor’s mansion, but in his departure video he continued to imply that he is innocent.

“A firecracker can start a stampede, but at one point, everyone looks around and says, ‘Why are we running?’ The truth is ultimately always revealed,” Cuomo said. 

“The attorney general’s report was designed to be a political firecracker on an explosive topic and it worked. There was a political and media stampede, but the truth will out in time.”

Cuomo was found to have sexually harassed 11 women in the investigation.

“I understand that there are moments of intense political pressure and media frenzy that cause a rush to judgment. But that is not right. It’s not fair or sustainable,” he said. “Facts still matter.”

Cuomo leaves with a $50,000-a-year pension. He reportedly has $18 million in campaign funds but top aide Melissa DeRosa said he has no intention of seeking office again.

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