NY ‘Drill Rap’ Gang Members ROB & BEAT Innocent Teenagers . . . On TikTok!!

A group of aspiring New York Drill rappers went viral yesterday, after they posted a video on TikTok showing themselves robbing, and pistol whipping two teenage boys, MTO News has learned.

And while the videos have gotten the rappers a lot of attention, they may also get the boys substantial prison time also.

Here’s the video:

In the video the rappers are seen pulling up on two teenage boys, who are sitting on a park bench. The Drill rappers press the teens – and ask them “where you from.” The teens are frozen in fear and don’t respond. 

That’s when one of the drill rappers smacks the teen in the face with a gun.

The New York City Police Department is fighting against a new trend – a string of gun violence involving young rappers could possibly be connected to their drill music style whose lyrics focus on dangers of criminal activity. 

Drill music is a sub-genre of hip-hop that is characterized by a dark, slow tempo, straightforward lyrics that focus on the dangers of criminal activity and an emotionless delivery. 

The nihilistic rap style began in Chicago in the 2010s but has since expanded across the world. The style of hip-hop has accumulated a strong following in Brooklyn and is accused to be a driving factor in the recent rise of gun violence targeting up-and-coming rappers. 

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