NLE Choppa Told Lil Durk Not To Retaliate Against King Von’s Murder

NLE Choppa says that he told Lil Durk not to hit the streets and seek revenge over King Von’s murder.

“He my brother, too,” Choppa told DJ Akademiks. “After the sh*t happened with Von and all that sh*t was happening, bruh, I was the one really in bro’s ear like, ‘I don’t want to be this person in your ear to say let that sh*t chill, don’t move on it.'”

“But bruh, I’mma be there personally to let you know, bruh, that this cycle we in as Black men is a never-ending cycle.’ Cause at the end of the day, bruh, we one person. We got one conscious mind.”

The rapper added, “When I’m thinking something, they might be thinking the same thing ’cause at the end of the day, out of us being Black, white, Hispanic, whatever, we are a human being and we are one race. This is why I know what’s up with life now. This is why I don’t do nothing out of spite to people.”


Was he right?

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